Family Support and Coaching for Children and Youth with Emotional, Behavioural or Social Challenges

ABA - Montessori Therapy

This unique program is available for children aged 2.5 through to six years of age.  Through individualized therapy sessions children are presented sequential Montessori materials that build concentration and encourage independent work habits.  Traditional ABA methods of reinforcement and repetition through social praise are used in the program. Verbal Behaviour therapy is also used in sessions for non-verbal children.

Children that are in the formative years between the ages of 18 months and six years of age are absorbing information and vocabulary around them at a phenomenal rate.  Autistic children frequently have to wait for 2-3 years on wait lists until they receive therapy. The sensitive period for language development is between the ages of 18 months to six years of age and many children are out of this period when they finally receive funding for government programs.

We have created a program that is accessible and tailored to each individual child. Tracking records and data are gathered at each session to provide parents with a clear idea of the progress of their child. Parenting support and social skills development are also an integral part of the program. 

The ABA - Montessori program incorporates early language, reading skills, mathematics and social studies.  All the programs are adapted to meet the needs of specific children. Your child does not require an assessment or referral to access this therapy program. Any child that displays any "at risk" signs of Autism as well as confirmed cases can benefit from this multifaceted program.