Family Support and Coaching for Children and Youth with Emotional, Behavioural or Social Challenges



Comments from parents with children enrolled in the CHOICES program

I truly think this is an awesome program. It helped my child a great deal. We know that early intervention is key in any disability. However, there are no other social skills groups that are funded for under 7.

We loved the program! We wish is could be longer. It helped us realize the gaps in our child’s social and emotional skills. He really got a lot out of it and enjoyed coming each week.

Both boys said they loved the relaxation, so we will be doing it at home as well.

My son said he loved everything about the program. His teacher said he settled well in the class. We did not have any problems with classmates and we are happy he is finally enjoying school.

I found my son has become much more aware of non-verbal communication. He makes a diligent effort to make his feelings show on his face.

Comments from attendees at conferences and group training.

"I enjoyed the lecture on "Adpatations for the Learning Different Child". It has been very beneficial in helping me to implement different learning startegies for individual children. I also enjoyed the examples as they helped me to link behaviours observed with postive ways to interact with children."

"I liked how the presentation catered to all age groups."

"This workshop helped me re-group, re-energize and re-evalaute my current job and how I can make it better. Everything I learned was helpful."

"Great lecture, very inspiring"

"Awsome presenter and very uplifting. I left much more open-minded and found my spark, Thank you!!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlene Abrahams for all of the wonderful, helpful advice and information she provided us during the first two KHST sessions.  She is a dynamic facilitator with a great deal of experience in the field and this comes through during her seminars."

"Two sessions filled with a great deal of pertinent information. Workshops were conducted by an excellent facilitator.” 

“The KHST! Program is a great resource program for my family. It opened my eyes and thoughts.”


“Very well delivered. Great balance between practical theory and sensible experience”


“Very clear and easy to follow. Easy to internalize and I don’t feel overwhelmed.”


“Great sessions! It’s nice to have such an enthusiastic instructor. All the topics were helpful and provided me with valuable tools to help my children deal with stress.”    I have found Charlene Abrahams to be a very enthusiastic, personable and informative lecturer.  She goes the extra mile to bring information to her students that is beyond the course curriculum. Charlene sincerely desires to see her students succeed and is always available to answer questions and provide encouragement. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious and makes listening to her speak very enjoyable."

Grace – Montessori Teacher


"Charlene Abrahams came to my class at Brock University to give a lecture on Montessori Education.  Hands down, it was the best presentation that we had.  I hope she continues to give talks as she inspires many! "Kaitlynn - Brock University Student